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I welcome to Turkey welcome to the country that connects Europe with Asia we would like to show you the economic social and cultural values of our country and its new and changing face over 70 million people live in Turkey and awfully 70 million sixty-five percent are under the

Age of 34 we have a considerable domestic market and an educated labor base Turkey’s heavenly natural scenery and historical heritage and a universal culture that’s accumulated over thousands of years make turkey a great place to relocate if you want to make an investment and develop your investment

In a secure place you are in the most suitable country turkey is the 15th largest economy in the world and sixth largest economy compared to 27 European Union countries Turkey ranked the 15th most attracted foreign direct investment destination in the world in 2006 and Turkey attracted foreign direct

Investment worth 22 billion u.s. dollars in 2007 if we look at the reasons why our country is the most attractive destination turkey is the biggest bus manufacturer compared to the EU countries and second biggest manufacturer of light commercial vehicles in Europe total alternative export hits 20 1.2 billion u.s. dollars

In 2007 and total vehicle export is 830 thousand units of the world’s 225 largest construction companies twist to our Turkish we are also the eighth biggest cement producer in the world turkey is the eighth biggest sheet glass manufacturer in the world turkey is the biggest hazelnut and apricot producer in

The world and in cotton production it ranks fifth 20 s exports have increased a hundred and ninety-seven percent in the last five years and it reached 107 billion dollars in 2007 turkey ranked ninth among top tourism earners in the world in two thousand six and twenty three point three million tourists

Visited turkey in 2007 and here are the other parameters that show the country’s economic development the number of gsm phone users has reached 63 million from 27 million the number of credit card users has exceeded from 19 million to 37 million and the number of internet users

Has risen from five to twenty two million in the last five years in turkey per capita income is higher than 9,600 dollars and total national income exceeds 660 billion u.s. dollars seventy percent of the world’s energy resources are located east of Turkey and our country operates as a

Reliable energy link between the energy resources and the countries that consume them the energy sector is supported by an advanced communication infrastructure consisting of satellites overland underground and submarine fiber optic cable systems our country is looking ahead in the areas of informatics software nanotechnology and life sciences this is the investment support

And promotion agency working under the Turkish Republic prime ministry this office works directly under the prime minister with multilingual experience project directors its main goal is to promote turkey’s investments environment and support investors in a coordination role on their arrival in Turkey you can find and contact the agency at ww msg

OVR here you will be able to find the answers to any of the questions you may have about investing in Turkey in our country intensive foreign investments are taking place in the automotive and automotive parts and components construction and real estate information and communication technologies high-tech industries life sciences services agriculture and food

Processing environmental technologies petrochemicals electronics and household appliances logistics and infrastructure sectors development in Turkey is not simply limited to business and investments there are many world-famous organizations operating in Turkey today there is more to Turkey than what you have seen here come and secure the future of your investments we are

Waiting for you invest in turkey

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