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turkey citizenship by real estate investment


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Hello everyone greetings from Istanbul Turkey this is umit I am the owner of the array Istanbul real estate company today we will talk about how to get Turkish citizenship by real estate investment first step is pick the property we need to choose the property for that reason we need to ask you many

Questions for what you want to use this property do you want High rental incomes or do you think to live inside and in Turkish citizenship program there is a rule three years you cannot sell your property you are free after three years for selling it so will you sell it after

Three years later and get your money back or will you keep it 5 years 10 years and you are waiting to rental income or you will continue to live in Istanbul and do you want it in the City Center Apartments you like or you like like 20 30 kilometers from away from the

Super more calm areas but more big apartment or one bedroom two bedrooms three bedrooms or new apartments or many questions we have so first of all we must talk we must ask you our questions and then we must decide the property the second step is transferring

The money there is two ways of transfer this money which one we choose the property four hundred thousand dollars the minimum value one of them out of country you can transfer directly to Construction Company account or who is selling to you Turkish person’s account the second way we can open for you a

Turkish bank account here then first you sent from out of country to your bank account in Turkey Turkish van then from Turkey from your bank account to Construction Company bank account or Turkish seller bank account after we decide payment how you will do it before you send the payment we must

Check with our legal team with our lawyers the title did is it clean is there any decision in this title date is there any credit mortgage in this title did or this titled it is it Turkish company belongs to Turkish company or belongs to Turkish person we must be

Sure it must be belongs to Turkish company or Turkish person because for the Turkish citizenship program you must buy the property from Turkish sellers or Turkish Construction Company after this check you can transfer your money after the payment as well we need to get for

You at Turkish tax ID number and we need to organize the expertise report valuation report of the property which one you choose and we must apply it to title the department system and the last one the payment when the construction company owner receive or the seller received the payments we need

To take from the bank dab certificate what is dab certificate it is it means currency exchange certificate there is a rule in Turkey the government says if you are selling to do Foreigners for Turkish citizenship program a property you cannot keep this money as a dollar you need to change it

To Turkish Lira our third step is title the transaction and certificate of Conformity report after the transfer we need to apply the title department for getting the title did and same time a linita apply for certificate of confirmity report what is this report it will explain to you this title did we

Are buying it for we bought it for Turkish citizenship program by real estate investment and we will not sell it for three years it will explain this this letter so this letter is coming around two weeks so we need two weeks time for start thing to applying Turkish citizenship program with your documents

Fourth steps is the documents Which documents we need to prepare for your Turkish citizenship application this documents two biometric photos you need to prepare and your passport we need to translate it to Turkish and notarize it from the Turkish notary and your birth certificate and your marriage

Certificate and there is one power of attorney you can give to our lawyers our legal team and they can apply your Turkish citizenship application and they can follow and inform you week by week it will take around three to six months maximum to get your passport your hands

Fifth step is applying your file to Turkish citizenship Department our lawyers and our legal team will do it for you with your power of attorney after we finish the application we will receive a residence Permit card it will be for one year so during the Turkish citizenship process we before you get

The Turkish ID card and Turkish password you if you want to travel go and come back to Turkey without Visa you can travel with this residence Permit card and you can stay in Turkey however you want it will help you and the Turkish citizenship confirmation process it will

Take three to six months and after when they confirmed the Turkish citizenship department when they confirmed your Turkish citizenship we will receive a message and in this message it will show you the citizenship compartment and they need a fingerprint from you so for fingerprint we need to take appointment

From government there is two ways of the taking this appointment one of them you can come to Turkey and we can take from Turkey Turkish Department in Turkish citizenship Department this appointment and it will take around 20 minutes 30 minutes to giving this fingerprints procedures and after that you will

Receive your Turkish ID and password the second way if you cannot come to Turkey if you are still busy because of your business out of country you can go to the Turkish Consulate you can take appointment there you can give your fingerprints there too after the fingerprints you give they

Will the Turkish ID and Turkish passwords they will send you by cargo you can give as address to our Legal Office address our lawyers can take it behalf of you or you can take it if you are doing it out of country in Turkish Consulate you can take it from Turkish

Consulate as well no problem it will take around one week to two weeks to receive your passport and Turkish ID card after you give the fingerprints congratulations you are Turkish now I am sure you have some questions about Turkish citizenship I will try to do my best to answer them now first question

Is is dual citizenship allowed in Turkey yes it’s allowed our country accepted there is no any problem about it the second question is what is the donation amount in Turkish citizenship when you are getting it do you have any donation for it we don’t have any donation amount

For Turkish citizenship in Turkey like other countries so Turkish citizenship by real estate investment when you go this program you are buying the property minimum with four hundred thousand dollars and three years only you will not sell it after three years you can sell it most of our clients when they

Are selling it three years later they are getting as well a profit so during these three years if you will not live in the turkey you are getting rent income as well and after three years you sold it your passport will stay with you all your

Life and if you are married your wife as well she will get there or he will get the passport with you and if you have under 18 years old children they will get automatically the Turkish passports as well be only with your investment third question is what is the advantage

Of Turkish passports or to being a Turkish person Turkish Citizen First of all you can travel more than 110 countries all around the world with Turkish passport and the second one you can take the visa for Europe country’s Schengen visa easily and for us as well

For America you can get 10 years visa after 10 years finish you can get another 10 years as well for Turkish passports easily this is the first Advantage the second ones the health system in Turkey is amazing you can get free Health Service the education is great for all countries for all

Languages in Turkey there is education schools universities private schools language circles the system is great so from education as well it’s a positive thing and we have Young Generation and young work power as well our 50 percent of clients that are coming for investment here they are investing to

Business as well they are opening their factories they are opening their companies here they do exports Imports and they are producing and selling all around the world from Turkey so these are the shortly which one I can tell you the adventures of Turkish passport or to being a Turkish citizen you can work

Here as well if you are planning and or you can manage your old business from Turkey to all around the world because of the location the fourth question is you bought the property what is the property tax do I need to pay a property tax in turkey or when I am selling it

Back after three years later will I pay a capital gain tax in Turkey so the we are paying the property tax in Turkey yearly each year in two times six months six months periods but it will come to you around 100 between two hundred dollars maximum per year for the

Property one two three bedrooms apartment it will change if it is one bedroom it will not come more than 100 the property tax for yearly so it’s nothing the second thing is a property gain tax capital gain tax three years later let’s say we decide to sell it

Let’s say we bought it for four hundred thousand dollars three years later it reached to six hundred thousand dollars so in Turkey there is a rule if you sell in five years your property you can pay the capital gain tax between which price you bought and which price you sold

There is a difference profit difference from this difference you are paying the capital gain tax to the government but if you are selling it after five years later there is no any capital gain tax you can sell it which price you like and you will not pay any capital gain tax

Fifth question is can I inherit the property to my wife and to my children if I die the answer is yes when you diet the property your title did will stay to your wife and your children sixth question is is it necessary to speak Turkish or learn Turkish when you are

Applying to Turkish citizenship program in Turkey no it’s not necessary you don’t need to speak in Turkish when you are getting your title date or when you are getting your Turkish ID and passport Turkish citizenship we don’t need it they don’t ask you you should speak Turkish even you are doing your

Applications for example the title did if you will sign by yourself not with power of attorney with our lawyer they just ask from you as sworn translator it must be he must be near you or when you are giving your fingerprints for the communication as well the sworn

Translator must be near you you don’t need to speak Turkish seventh question is do I need a real estate agent with me when I’m buying the property and do I need a lawyer when I am applying to Turkish citizenship program so absolutely yes because you must be very

Careful and you must do this job with the professionals and when you deal with a real estate company like us first of all you ask the license of the agents from the company or which one the person you contacted if they don’t have license please don’t work with them the first

Thing is this one the second thing everything all process we can do but for Turkish citizenship applications as well if you work with professional legal team and lawyers like we have in our company or you can find from outside as well it will be safest way and fastest way to get

Turkish citizenship the eighth question is do I need to share my wealth with Turkish government when I’m getting the Turkish citizenship in Turkish citizenship process the answer is no you don’t need to share your wealth with our government or Turkish citizenship department or you don’t need to explain

Where your money is coming from or how it’s coming from you don’t need to explain anything just invest our country for Turkish citizenship program by the property and pay your money no one will ask your wealth where it’s coming from or where is your money coming from ninth

Question is can I buy under construction properties for Turkish citizenship program and apply the Turkish citizenship yes you can buy it but we must check the title date is ready or not some constructions they are titled it the construction companies they are giving the title links after the

Construction finish some of them they let you do it during the construction they give you your directly titled it so after the control of the title did if it is even under construction let’s say one year later the delivery Handover of the property one year later but their title

Deeds are ready so you can buy and you can invest and you can apply the title did for Turkish citizenship program tenth question is is it possible to apply Turkish citizenship two persons for one title let’s say the property value is eight hundred thousand dollar you are buying one apartment with

Eight hundred thousand dollar but you will apply two person with sharing system fifty percent fifty percent before the answer before it was possible but now in 2023 the government changed the rules in one title did only one person can apply to Turkish citizenship so that’s mean minimum the price value

Must be four hundred thousand dollars or more only one person can apply with his family together wife and children under 18 years old 11th question is what is the vat exemption document in Turkey the answer is if the government has a campaign if you are Foreigner if you are buying first

Time if you didn’t live in Turkey more than six months you don’t pay the vat when you are buying property construction companies when they are selling there is two type of v80s one of them one percent one of them 18 percent some projects have one percent some projects have 18 percent it

Depends of the project Style so ah let’s say for citizenship you are buying the property let’s say the property price four hundred thousand dollars so you should pay plus eighteen percent v80 but with this document you are not paying it our legal team and our

Lawyers can take it for you so you don’t have to pay extra vat for the government that’s the explanation of vit I hope this video is helpful for you and you get all your answers about the Turkish citizenship if you didn’t please write comments in this video we can answer you

And you can contact us always by WhatsApp and for the Turkish citizenship by real estate investment if you are looking to properties you can visit our website as well and if you like the video please subscribe our channel for next videos thank you very much have a nice day bye

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