Real Estate Profitsturkey citizenship by investment 2022

turkey citizenship by investment 2022


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So in today’s topic we’re going to discuss if the turkish cbi which has recently changed uh the amount from 250 k investment in property to 400k uh us dollars in property investment in order to qualify for turkish citizenship of course the the fd the fixed deposit route is still 500k meaning if you

Deposit 500k worth usd in their bank you can qualify for the turkish cbi passport but we’re going to discuss if the 250 to 400 change uh is it still worth considering the turkish cbi because it’s a good option a bad option my personal opinion on this program at this point

So 250k was a tricky one getting your property as long as you got a good deal for people and that purchased second-hand homes uh in that price range put a little bit of money in renovating it and at that price point it was a good

Deal i wouldn’t say it was the best of the best because you had to do a lot of hard work you had to visit the country you had to personally make sure you’re getting the best of the best deals you had to find the right people and that’s when you could get a

Good deal on paper prices may have gone up but you know are you able to sell that once you’re going to sell it what is the actual value that you’re going to get especially if the citizenship program in future is not around how does that affect the valuation all of that we

Don’t know yet but still i would say at 250k it was a very decent option uh one could have i would have easily said yes no-brainer uh can go for it now at 400k if you have a lot of money to throw away it’s a different story but for a people

Who are looking for a deal or looking to compare this with the caribbean cbi and thinking where they’re going to save more money which one is more cost effective which one is more value for time and money so at 400k the turkish cbi it’s it’s a tricky one now um obviously

You’re looking for properties at the one or two properties in that price point you can get more than that but again then you won’t be getting the quality you’re just getting the quantity uh managing those many number of properties could be a real pain and a hassle for a

Lot of people so we’re gonna say we get one property in 400k or two properties in 400k that’s what you’re um kind of targeting now at that price point it’s really a question of uh taking this capital and it’s not exactly 400 that’s the value of the property that you’re looking at

You’re looking at the costs as well so let’s say 25k extra for you know the four percent property uh sales tax one percent in fees uh then you have 5k ish of lawyer fees that are involved so you’re looking at a good 25k there and then obviously you would be

Going there looking for properties accommodation all those costs you’re looking at a good for 30k plus of investment so parking half a million dollars in turkey you have to ask yourself because you’re keeping this money for the next several years three years to be exact again with the whole capital gain situation you’re

Looking at exiting after five years so parting uh half a million dollars for five years blocking yourself out of this much of capital does that make sense on the other hand what is the option on the other hand you have the caribbean cbi let’s say a 150 k 160 ish 170 k

At least you have the 250 or the 230k that you keep which if you invest there’s a good chance that you might be able to invest in the right area you can recover that difference right you can make up a 100k or a 150 k depending upon how well you

Invest your capital so you still have access to the 230k and over a period of next three years this can actually get back uh the difference so in that sense the craving looks much more attractive especially because you’re saving on so much so much more cash either you can use it for your

Um you know for your personal purposes if you’re in need of cash then obviously you get to use it and if you are anyways keeping it you can invest it and make up the difference with the caribbean passport obviously you’re talking about a lot more access and you’re getting the

Uk the island you’re getting the shenzhen visa with the turkish passport the recent news made headlines saying a lot of shenzhen rejections so they have gone up or doubled a quadrupled since the past so you’re facing that issue so if you’re not looking for any kind of access or in

Access to some of the top places from your you know from this passport then it’s okay but if you look if you value access and you think this is a useful document for you to let’s say establish residencies or even travel then obviously that one may makes much more

Sense at that price point now coming back to uh the turkish option you put let’s say you put the 400k in property you keep it for five years uh the lira is it’s over 18 the situation can can improve uh you know in future we don’t know but it’s an uncertain at this

Time it just seems to be weakening uh in future let’s say after five years the big question mark is um is your property actually going to hold worth or is it going to tank and again only time will tell what happens so in terms of an investment and again when i say this

This is not investment immigration or tax advice this is just my personal opinion and this should be viewed as educational only so the big question is uh 400k let’s say for 30k in turkey for such a long time frame does that make a whole lot of sense for the kind

Of uh passport you get again it’s a very tricky one before i would have said yes absolutely a 250k is a decent amount to gamble but when you’re talking about 430ish k things drastically change so i hope you liked this analysis if you want to get started with any of your residencies or

Citizenships click the link in the description book a call and we can discuss your use case and figure out what’s the best option in your circumstances if you haven’t subscribed go ahead and subscribe so you’re updated on all the latest changes to programs and hit the bell notifications you get

Instant notified of my new videos and i see you in the next one take care goodbye

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