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Hey friends welcome to kushadasi life wherever you are in the world I hope you’re well and keeping safe today I’m gonna talk about opening up a bank account in Turkey one of the very first things you need is a tax number and uh I made a video about uh getting a tax

Number and showing you exactly how easy it was to get a tax number if you haven’t seen that video I recommend watching that I’ll put a link to that video in the description so go and have a look at that and then we’ll talk about the banking system here and how to open

Up a bank account in this video I’m going to talk about the banks in turkey and then we’ll take a look at the top 10 banks in turkey and then we’ll look at the requirements to open up a bank account in Turkey key has more than 50 Banks working actively some are deposit

Banks some are development and investment Banks three are state-owned and nine are private banks with so many banks to choose from the question arises which a bank so we’re going to look at now at the top 10 banks in Turkey to give you an idea about them and then you

Can choose whichever one you feel comfortable with number one azir at bank xirat bank is state-owned it was established in 1863 and has headquarters in Ankara this is the largest bank in Turkey in terms of assets it provides various banking products and services to retail small and medium-sized businesses

And corporate customers within the borders of turkey and even outside the bank has 1864 branches and has a presence in 18 countries other than turkey and its focus has mainly been in real estate and meeting the banking needs of individuals next let’s look at ish Bank ish Bank was established in

1924. this has been the first public bank established by the Turkish Republic the bank offers corporate and Commercial banking services to large corporations smes and other small and big trading companies Bank also provides retail banking services as well as other banking services including private banking services as well as Mobile

Banking the bank has 1 351 branches in turkey and 23 branches in other countries with 55 000 employees next up is Guaranty Bank Guaranty Bank was established in 1946 and has headquarters in Istanbul the bank offers various Financial products and services such as SME Banking and commercial or corporate

Banking products and services and personal banking in Turkey guarantee operates 937 branches as well as eight branches outside turkey and three overseas representative offices the bank has approximately 22 000 employees serving approximately 14 million customers let’s now look at act Bank akbank was established in 1948 with headquarters in

Istanbul it now operates 800 branches in turkey and one branch internationally with 14.3 million clients the bank offers consumer banking Commercial Banking SME banking corporate investment private banking and treasury coming in at number five is a yuppie credit bank established in 1944 this is the fifth largest bank in Turkey in terms of

Assets it also serves clients from Netherlands Azerbaijan Russia and Malta the bank offers Services related to retail banking corporate and Commercial Banking private banking and wealth management segments with nineteen thousand employees it has its headquarters in Istanbul City the bank offers his Services through 935 branches in turkey and one overseas

Branch with 4 348 ATMs four call centers and 544 000 points of sale terminals next up is Dennis Bank Dennis bank is a large private banking firm founded in Istanbul in 1938 as a state-owned bank to fund the development of the Turkish Maritime sector but has since been

Acquired first by a Belgian Finance firm called dexia then by the Russian severe Bank today the bank offers a wide range of financial services including retail Private Business agricultural corporate banking Commercial Banking and Public Finance let’s now look at the finance bank finance Bank was founded in 1987 by

Turkish billionaire who’s new Aussie again headquarters in Levant Istanbul the bank has a total of 518 branches employing 11 943 workers as of 2020. the bank offers investment products cards loans deposit products payments cash Management corporate banking Commercial Banking and foreign trade as Services we now look at

What if Bank what if bank is another state-owned bank the bank was founded in 1954 what gift bank is recognized as the fifth largest bank in turkey with 610 domestic branches across turkey it offers Financial Services credit cards consumer banking corporate banking Investment Banking mortgage loans private banking and others the bank

Employs just under 17 000 workers we now look at Health Bank help bank is the Third state-owned Bank founded in 1938 currently owned by the turkey wealth fund it has a total of 1006 branches and employees are just under 19 000 workers as of 2019. Bank offers a wide range of services that

Include deposits cash Insurance non-cash loans cash receipt operations cash and deposit reimbursements fund transfers correspondent banking transactions checks bank bills credit cards cash cards Travelers checks and performs as a portfolio management agency let’s now look at number 10 of our top 10 banks in Turkey took economy Bankers also known

As teb was founded in 1927 making it one of the oldest Turkish Financial firms and has since grown into a large network with over 503 branches Bank Services include corporate commercial and private banking over into the fields of retail banking small business banking and SME banking now that we’ve looked at the top

10 banks in turkey and hopefully given you some idea of the banking system here let’s now look at the requirements to open a bank account first thing you’re going to need is a Turkish tax number and tax number also from your own country passport and any utility bill with your name and

Address the bill must be from within the last three months armed with these documents go to the bank of your choice and you will be able to open up a bank account in Turkish lira and US Dollars Euros or Pounds I have personally had dealings with the Yuppie credit Dennis

Bank and Guaranty Bank I find the service there is very very good and the staff are very very helpful I hope you found this video helpful and you now have a better understanding of banks in turkey and how to open up a bank account and the requirements to open up a bank

Account in Turkey if you like the video like subscribe and comment and hit the Bell notification to be notified every time I upload a new video if you have any comments or suggestions please leave them in the comment section below I would love to hear from you so until

Next time my friends take good care and stay safe

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