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It’s a wealthy expat here in the beautiful city of Istanbul Turkey the Saint Regis Hotel with the park the sibio in the background I absolutely love this chaotic energetic big city of Istanbul I love turkey overall different Landscapes different people a lot of different Vibes throughout the country

But why do I not promote the citizenship program here in Turkey you can get the Turkish passport Turkish citizenship in a couple of months by investing four hundred thousand dollars in real estate or more it used to be a quarter million now it is four hundred thousand why we

Don’t talk about this program that much why don’t promote it to my clients the Turkish passport actually gives you access to a lot of great countries around the world like Japan gives you access to most of Latin America South Korea a lot of countries in the East so

It gives you relative access to the world obviously not as good as Saint kids or other Caribbean programs to give you Europe UK Turkish doesn’t give you that but if you want a second travel Document to travel to some place cases or you just want in this region of the

World the Turkish password could open some doors for you unfortunately the Turkish passport also brings a lot of prejudice and a lot of bias a lot of people around the world they see what’s happening here in Turkey they see the economy going down they see the president heading in the wrong direction

In their eyes whatever opinion you have about turkey whatever opinion I have what other people are thinking immigration officials airport officials residency permit officials that are looking at your documents when you go through these processes as a Turkish National it’s going to be a lot harder it isn’t a passport that is considered

As innocent or one that people don’t know much about if you show about an airport that sync its passport most people have never seen it they think it’s cute they look it up in their system you have 90 days welcome to the country with a Turkish person they have

A lot of prejudice they have a lot of buys they think oh my God this person is going to immigrate here especially when you try to apply for a Visa for Europe overall it’s not going to be a smooth experience to go to different countries with a Turkish passport it isn’t also

The best deal in the world because if you donate a hundred thousand dollars 150 thousand dollars to the Caribbean instead of investing four hundred thousand dollars here in the real estate market in Istanbul or in Turkey you’re getting a much better quality passport for a lot less money yes you lose the

Hundred thousand you lose 150 000 here you might actually appreciate your money because the market here is exploding recently with the Russians buying property with people all over the world buying property in Istanbul and turkey overall you might actually make money getting the passport but if you’re just

Looking at the best travel Document possible the best citizenship possible that’s going to open the most doors for you the one that long term is going to do the best in my personal opinion I see the Caribbean countries in different options around the world much better

Than that of turkey it is the same reason why I never promoted Vanuatu even when they had access to Europe to the Schengen area I never promoted the country I always said Caribbean countries are better baruato is doing Shady things it doesn’t have a good reputation around the world it’s had

Issues in the past it’s going to have issues in the future and now they lost access to the Schengen area they’re trying to get it back as hard art as possible tightening their due diligence but I don’t see it happening in the near future that’s why I always recommended

The Caribbean countries first when it comes to investing in Turkey if you don’t want to do it for the passport for the citizenship you want to do it for the actual investment into the country if you love The Country if you love The crypto Community the easiness of using

Crypto exchanging it for cash here in Istanbul and turkey that’s a whole different story or if you have an extremely low quality citizenship right now let’s say like an Afghan or an Iranian and you want to get a higher quality passport so that you can then get Saint Kitts Caribbean passport

Maltese passports then yes turkey could be a step up to then get the ultimate step with an extra passport later on those would be really the only two cases that I would recommend investing into this country in order to get the citizenship if you’re considering Turkish citizenship by investment or any

Citizenship by investment around the world make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons if you’re investing into the country because you love the country and you love turkey and you want to see a return on your property amazing you get a passport included in that but

Don’t do it for the purpose of getting a second citizenship and a second password just because it gives you some extra countries around the world if you want to see more countries that offer their citizenship by investment that you can buy a passport legally right now check

Out this video right here on the 10 countries that offer their passports in this year right now so that you can buy a passport in less than six months check it out right now

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