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foreign direct investment in turkey


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Ozone he’s been talking to me a little bit this morning about the potential for investment in this country against the backdrop not just of this major humanitarian disaster but also an economic and political crisis look I’m your first let’s acknowledge the fact that this kind of a disaster

Transcends local politics even to a certain extent the original geopolitical rival is in the short term but what it doesn’t do is to change reality when it comes to foreign direct investment coming into the country Turkey is a large country it’s a geoc very important country and it deserves as some states

Attract the kind of long-term sticky Capital that countries of the scale requires like given that we are in election cycle it’s our Centenary year you know it will be most likely one of the most consequential elections in Turkish history investors are waiting on the sidelines trying to understand how

The next phase of turkey’s governance will look post May 14th exactly is this going to be a post-aired one country and if so how does that change your strategy look I mean whether it’s post-ardon or let’s continue with the same kind of theme no one knows at the moment but

What investors will look for rightly so is the proper capacity of the country to be able to instigate credible reforms something that they have consistently failed to do for the past decade or so yes I mean if you go back to how the first part of the 2000s were turkey was

A rising star in Europe and then that kind of lost its credibility factor a little bit over the past I would say a decade or so now if you can step and segue back into turkey being able to do credible reforms and I’m talking about fiscal monetary policy Market reforms

Investors are waiting on the sidelines funds are waiting to be able to have the opportunity to be able to invest into the country but we all know as fund managers as business owners that we are in the business of managing risk but we have to be able to price that risk to be

Able to manage it appropriately and at the moment as the stance it’s very difficult to be able to price Turkish risk for the moment yeah and just the risk frankly politically to president erdogan as a result of this crisis I mean this has hit his base essentially the people who have consistently elected

Him over 20 years how difficult in your mind is it going to be for him to keep that kind of credibility with voters look I mean I think before this disaster struck turkey we had been dealing and how our dealing with inflation issues people are getting poorer now that’s the

Global thematic by the way middle classes are getting poorer poorer people are getting even more poorer but you’re right I mean his demographics are normally the uh the Heartland eventually right now what this will do is difficult to to tell because we are just live in this situation it is a humanitarian

Issue as I said before this transcends local politics in the short term but the reaction of the government and handling this crisis is going to be a significant I think factor in seeing how the water-based gives them but this will not make the core fundamental economic economic issues go away from today’s

Tomorrow I think four months is a long time in in politics anywhere in the world and given the kind of geopolitical context that we’re all having to go through globally and turkey’s relative importance in being an actor in that in that climate will also be determinants

And we will kind of see and find out over the next four months it has it been too nervous at all to watch president erdogan’s actions as a foreign player if you will and I’m talking about as a NATO member with such a close relationship with the Russians now that has raised

Eyebrows across the west and it’s something that although it’s benefited Ukraine in terms of those kind of conversations being able to grease the wheels Etc at the same time we’re talking about a nation that buys weapons from the Russians and at the same time is looking to put in major energy

Infrastructure I uh let’s take a step back and understand I mean the importance of NATO has become again kind of in the headlines and turkey has been a staunch partner an ally a NATO member second largest army in Nato one of the largest contributors so I don’t think this shifts turkey’s

Kind of involvement in NATO however we live in very interesting times like the ancient Chinese curse right I mean ever since the end of World War II ever since the setup of the global liberal World Order which we have all been a part of things are changing we live in Era of

Proxy wars and what we are seeing in Ukraine right now and how the whole world is reacting requires a credible mediators in between to be able to facilitate transactions now that’s the dry facts now how does it make me nervous I mean the whole geography makes me nervous frankly because if you look

At how the whole Russian invasion of Ukraine has shifted Europeans energy dependence on Russia what that means what countries like turkey will have to do to be able to provide a credible bridge between Europe and and and East uh I mean yeah I am nervous but again

There are so many unknowns and about the weapons part again buying weapons from Russia is a contagious subject at the same time turkey does sell the approach to Ukraine so it’s an interesting Dynamic going on and I mean it is not an easy place to sit in the middle of a growing World

Conflict cooler heads have to pray well should Prevail and we have to kind of see if if they will

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