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Supporters say he has brought Islam back for Washington and much of Western Europe an Open Secret the end of erdogan would be their new Turkish delight so is the Turkish CBI program the Turkish passport program gonna survive post May 28th that’s the big question but before that how did we get here

Turks by the thousands waved Flags and cheer to seemingly triumphant president reject erdogan but these party songs may be too soon early results put erdogan comfortably ahead but as the count continued his Advantage slid Sunday’s vote is one of the most consequential elections in the country’s 100-year history elections are

Not one on the balcony data is still coming in said opposition candidate Kamal kirch.oroglo he could still be president let’s see a key Mal takes the elections home then you are talking about a very very solid strong threat to this program’s existence a defeat for erdogan will likely unnerve the Kremlin

But Comfort the Biden Administration as well as many European and Middle Eastern leaders who had troubled relations with erdogan inflation near two decade highs and a currency that’s crashed against the dollar have shaken once seemingly Invincible support for erdogan so the Turkish CBA program by its design is the

Creation of the great recipe Aragon he’s the one who really had the program in place he favors the program he wants the program he’s the one who made it very very attractive down from one million dollars to 250k almost everyone took advantage of this all-important program a lot of people

From the Asian countries particularly Pakistan they benefited from this Turkish CBI program but now is the decisive moment the deciding factor the Judgment Day for this all-important exciting CBI now the CBI was at 250k USD very attractive too good to be true turkey was not on the fetf gray list

Subsequently turkey got put on the fatf gray list that was a big setback for a lot of people from countries which are not on the fatf gray list the second big blow for this program was the bump in price from 250k to 400 100K that really eliminated a lot of people from the

Equation the program itself was very economical because the 250k was in your own property now the 400k is in your own property but obviously the threshold has become double to qualify for citizenship so a lot of risk a lot of uncertainty at 400k but the pressure was clearly on

Aragon he could not outright scrap the program without any reason so one of the things that he had to do before the elections was raise the price make it more difficult reduce the applicants to this program because the locals don’t like such programs once they are over

Subscribed as a result we are here the elections the first round of elections are the main round of Elections happen on 14th of May now just by whisker just by very very small percentage half a percent Point Aragon missed out on winning and sweeping the elections now

Had Aragon won the elections there was no doubt there was no absolutely no doubt that this was in favor of the Turkish CBI program there are more than enough chances that he would have continued with this program at 400k now there are two big questions now that

That has not happened he has not been able to sweep the elections by more than 50 majority now turkey heads on to that all-important crucial critical runoffs on May 28th so what’s really going to happen on May 28th and you have on one side you have Aragon who is the hot

Favorite at this time just by a narrow margin he leads but leads by a very small margin now on the other side you have kimal who had 44.5 percent votes approximately in that first round now he enters with Aragon head to head and there’s going to be a second round of

Voting there’s going to be a runoff in turkey and that’s where these two Giants are going to clash now once that happens on 28th we should have a president for turkey we should have a clear winner now there are three outcomes that can happen on May 28th or let’s say after May 28th

One is if Aragon wins the elections there are two things that can happen uh and if Aragon loses the elections and kimal wins the elections then there’s only one likelihood there’s one possibility I’m going to discuss all of this in detail so let’s say we are on

May 28th and we have Aragon as the winner in Turkey then we are looking at two possibilities one is Aragon will keep the program intact as is at 400k there’s going to be a spike in applications at that point because people would have known what’s happening the program has very good chances of

Remaining because it’s auto gun now and that’s where people will feel more comfortable to yes let’s go ahead and do this so even at 400k because of the stability people will continue to apply to this program now Aragon can keep it can choose to keep it at 400k I don’t

See any reason why Aragon will bump the price of this program from 400k to any higher because then the takers would diminish at that point might as well cancel the program do with it right so that he’s not going to want that so he’s going to most likely keep the program at

Least at 400k the second scenario that can happen is that he can reduce the price of the program from that 400k to either 250 what it was before at which level it was a hot favorite amongst a lot of people or let’s say 300K slightly more than 250 he can fluctuate the price

Reduce it now that the elections are out of the pick picture so that’s one possibility the chances of it remaining at 400k I would say is at 75 to 80 percent so 80 chances the program is going to remain what it is if Auto God wins the election and there’s 20 chances

That he might change or fluctuate the price I feel there’s zero percent chances of him increasing the price from 400k to let’s say 500k now let’s flip the scenario and let’s say a keymail takes the elections home then you are talking about a very very solid strong threat to this program’s existence the

Opposition has constantly voiced their concerns dissatisfactions against the CBI programs they have garnered a lot of votes from people who were against the CBI program so there’s a good chance that the moment he wins one of the sweeping reforms that are very likely to happen is that this program could be

Ended could be phased off could be terminated with some notice let’s say a month or two they could make changes and turkey is very very popular for making changes very quick right so they announced the changes in a monthly implemented no more new apps and the changes are instantly in effect so

There’s very good chances I would say there’s close to 85 to 90 chance that program would eventually get terminated if kimal comes into Power it’s very very slim chance maybe a five percent or ten percent chance that he might still keep the program for how long that we do not

Know and therefore the runoffs on May 28th are going to be critical are going to be crucial for what happens in Turkey Turkish CBI program has been one of the hottest CBI programs amongst all one of the most or I would say the most popular programs in the last three years if this

Program ends post May 28th this is going to be another nail in the coffin of rcpi this industry has been heavily heavily hurt a lot in the last three years with cypruscon maltagon Bulgaria gone Montenegro gone not Macedonia gone there’s hardly anything good left what used to be at least theoretically known

As Plan B is now busted by a lot of Western governments all eyes on those passports that you get for cheap so all those options which used to be somewhat of an option let’s say 20 of an option are non-options in my opinion virtually the they have been killed and I wouldn’t

Want to name any particular cbis but when you have other governments interfering monitoring watching making changes when they need it that is when you know these are not planned these These are something else so turkey was this all-important neutral solid stable attractive Diversified important CBI program but with this election the Fate

Is hanging so it’s going to be super exciting what happens on May 28th we hope I hope the CVI can survive my personal hope is that Ardo God wins I’m vouching for Aragon to win the selection all eyes all hopes are on May 28th that is going to be the deciding factor of

The Turkish CBI program it’s a hot solid passport it’s a diversified passport it yes the program is a little chaotic yes the program is a little unstable uncertain but that is because it’s not generating a lot of marketing revenues for marketing agencies a lot of the western marketing agencies don’t

Participate in selling turkey so that is the reason why it is really a very good program yes it is chaotic but it is good nonetheless so make sure to subscribe to my channel because I’m going to cover this all important change no matter what happens whichever way it goes what

Happens with the Turkish CBI is very critical a lot of people who aren’t even interested or not even doing the Turkish CPI are going to be very very interested in the fate of the Turkish CBI so if you are subscribed and if you turn on the Bell notification you’re going to be the

First one to be notified whatever happens to that CBI program hopefully it’s all going to be positive hopefully it’s going to stay back and let’s hope for the best of the future of turkey and the future of the Turkish CBI catch you in the next one

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