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citizenship of turkey by investment


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Hello everyone welcome back to my channel my name is Abdul I’m an immigration expert and I’m sharing information related to residency by investment and citizenship by investment I got my Turkish auspices Turkish passport in my Handi Republic of Turkey password okay and this is my Pakistani passport you

Can see there are some stamps out there some papers so I cannot show you the exact uh written information on this pass front page okay but this is Pakistani passport and this one I nibbly got the beautiful red color passport so I’m going to share the information how I

Got this passport why I got this passport in what was the process and the requirements and everything I’m sharing my story of Turkish citizenship by invest now why the first question is why I got the Turkish passport because with this Pakistani passport I have visited like 64 countries including the Schengen

Area USA Canada UK and many other countries right but I had to go through a very hard time so many painful steps to get visas to even small countries like Thailand Philippines Morocco and countries like that so this passport I got I now have improved the mobility okay like the travel restrictions on

This passport are less than on this passport right this is this passport the Turkish passport is not strong as the U.S passport or or Germany or UK or or Australia but still it is better than many passports in the world it gives you uh travel freedom for almost like 110 to

115 countries including Brazil Russia Japan South Korea Argentina and so many other countries in the world so this was the one reason I got this passport I improved uh my past from this to this and I will be trying to increase further like getting another passport maybe send

Kids never send kids in the ways or Dominica or maybe Albania or some other countries who knows this was the reason and how I got now this is the question question is in 2018 turkey announced citizenship by investment program where you can invest 250 000 US dollars in

Real estate and you get the passport within three to six months so I decided in 2020 to invest uh 250 000 I bought one house in 2020 and one in 21. so two houses I bought in Istanbul and then I applied for the citizenship because it was combined with something like 255k

And then in my case it took almost one year because we had some small mistakes in the application however for most of my friends and people I know took around like uh five to six months or maximum eight months to get this uh this Turkish passport okay now this was the process

The process was quite easy but now the investment requirement is four hundred thousand dollars they increased it in June 2022. actually this was one million before like four years but the Turkish government made it 250k in 2018 in order to boost up the real estate market in

Turkey so now it is 400 000 if you are going to invest now then it is 400 000 but still it is worth it and I will tell you why uh process you need to buy the property first and then you can apply for citizenship right you need some

Basic documents like your passport they the interest temp when you enter turkey and also you need your birth certificate your marriage certificate if you are married and the birth certificate of your children if you have children right with the single investment few investment invest 400 000 now then you

Get Turkish passport for you and your family what is called family family is like your you wipe your spouse and your children under 18 years right so the process is straightforward there is nothing special about that and we are we are actually doing now this because I am

Based in Istanbul for like last two years so I’m also helping and getting this passport I’m in the process buying property and applying for the citizenship right now the benefits some benefits I can tell you like I am living here in in Istanbul in Turkey for the

Last two years some benefits I can tell you like your kids get education for free in the public schools there are private schools but the public schools I have seen them they are good the only problem your children will face the language you know barrier so whoever

Wants to live in Turkey must learn the Turkish language as soon as possible this is important for anybody who wants to stay longer in Turkey okay now the second benefit is that you get health insurance from the government you pay a little bit money and then you get the

Health insurance owners and public hospitals turkey is a great country with so many beautiful places to visit cultural places amazing food and weather is also nice so this is the country you can live on a budget uh because they give you very nice information very nice infrastructure like the infrastructure

Is Top Notch it’s like European countries and the culture is also so nice the Turkish people are so great and yes you can live here if you want after getting the passport or if you don’t want to leave here just you get the passport and wherever you want to go you

Can so that’s all guys I wanted to share with you about the Turkish citizenship in Turkish passport I wanted to share my experience with you as well uh I will be sharing information with you regarding other citizenships and residencies or time so you can get a better idea for

Yourself where you should invest and where you should get a residency or passport one thing I forgot is that the money I invested here that has increased over time like in last one and a half years this investment of 250k has increased 20 to 30 percent and still you

Get uh I get rental income you can get the rental income if you invest in Turkey so this is that is another plus uh to the investment because you get your investment uh back with return and you also get income from rental so this is plus the passport you get is

Absolutely free and same uh I will be sharing videos for other countries in other opportunities that you can get that’s it guys thank you very much for watching the video if you like it give it a thumb and put your comment in the description my email in my email and

Mobile number is in the description I can help you if you want my help regarding the turkey citizenship you have any questions on that in the comment and I will be there to answer thank you again see you again

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