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best place to invest in turkey


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Hello everyone this is Amin from Capital estate If you’re watching this video it means that you are interested in living or buying property in turkey and you are looking for Vital Information which help you to make an informed decision so today I’m gonna talk about the five best places to buy property in turkey or live

With your family and watch out for the fifth place it’s highly recommended by us for smart people like you but first let me tell you why a lot of people consider turkey as the best place to live or invest their money in the Turkish real estate market turkey is

Certainly one of the world’s most sought after locations for couples and families and it has a developing lifestyle trend for the last two decades it is virtually a Crossroads for Europe Asia Middle East and even the Africa and now turkey is a home to a seasonable communities of foreigners including

English-speaking natives who have moved for several reasons including safety low prices retirement and beautiful sceneries so here are top five places worth living and buying a home in Turkey the first city is boardroom boardroom is a perfect choice if you have a higher standard of living boardroom is also a

Sought after destination for Holiday excursions and vacations this unique District both some of the world’s best sailing routes marinas amazing views beautiful sea and Ultra modern houses added to this is the historical cultural and entertainment facilities of this beautiful city boardroom is a safe haven where you can enjoy food and music with

Your spouse and family take a pleasant walk in the old town and you can live a happy peaceful and fun life far away from home the Second City in our list is Antalya this bustling city is uniquely located at the amazing Mediterranean Sea and marvelous Taurus Mountains by far

The fastest growing area in whole Turkey Antalya is blessed with some of the most gorgeous backdrops of Mother Nature you can enjoy the warmth of the Sun as often as you like while the upper and lower Dunedin waterfall provide stunning view of cool water flowing all year round

Antalya has a sunny and hot climate and if you’re a lover of Turkish Cuisines and you love fresh fruits there are weekly markets in the city where you can find local fresh fruits and get the best Turkish Cuisine Lara and conianti beaches are the focus during summer but

Antalya City Center opens for tourism all year round thanks to the mild Winters and the third one is the great Istanbul Istanbul honestly needs no introduction and no other place in Turkey can really compete with this very special Mega City Istanbul is the most popular city in Turkey and also the

Largest city in the whole Europe it is the Hub of Tourism Finance business economy and Industry Istanbul to Turkey is what New York is to United States if you intend to come to Istanbul with your kids istanbuls offers lots of high quality schools the rich culture art and

Food will definitely make a great family experience definitely the cost of living is very high but people have started buying properties in the outskirt region of Istanbul there you can enjoy lower property prices lower cost of living and you are just short drive away if you

Want to be in the Heart of the City so whether you want to home far away from your home native country or you want a piece of real estate Istanbul should be in your list and the number four the beautiful fatier if the hustle and bustle of Istanbul is not for you and

You want just a peaceful and beautiful place to live then Fatiha is the right choice for you unique climate zone to the Aegean Coast distinctive mild Winters in Mediterranean fatier but the biggest attraction by a mile is her reputation as one of the most beautiful

Places to live and buy a home in Turkey fatier is home to one of the most beautiful natural Harbors in turkey and is known as a base for setting out on a yachting trip if it’s all about location fetier provides it all the town itself is prosperous but laid back kind of

Place and it’s home to one of the most beautiful modern nature sites like the butterfly Valley patada Beach and Litton a UNESCO protected ruin and of course the beautiful uludanis and finally the number five 5 are highly recommended place to live or invest in property in Turkey is the

Beautiful Alanya Alanya is a developed and crowded District of Antalya it is generally well-loved and sought after by Foreign Nationals from all around the world and Alanya uniquely walks the line between traditional and tourists as a matter of fact Alanya is responsible for almost 10 percent of Turkish tourism and

Over 30 percent of foreign property purchase in Turkey where there is a cocktail bars restaurants clubs bazaars live musics and hotels along the beach Alanya has it all buying a home and living in Alanya has many perks such as daily trips to amazing places around the district a multicultural environment and

A safe and clean atmosphere not to mention countless Sunny Beach days Alania is younger livelier with relatively high rise and dense development and it’s our best recommendation for you because it has the best of everything you can possibly think at moderate prices so that makes

The best five places to live in or buy properties in turkey with Alanya our preference I hope you enjoyed this video and you found it helpful if you do please don’t forget to like this video subscribe to our Channel and turn on your notification so you won’t miss our

Future videos about Turkish real estate investment or living in turkey and if you have any questions make sure to write it for us in the comment section down below or you can simply go to our website and fill out the contact form and we will get back to

You as soon as possible so see you in the next video bye We’ll take it slowly Foreign

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