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best investment in turkey


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All right you’ve done your research and you decided to invest in turkey now probably the question that you’re asking is where do i go do i stay in istanbul do i go to south in antalya boardroom or do i go to i don’t know ankara because it’s the capital

City certainly if you go on wikipedia and check out turkish cities by population that would give you a rough idea but it wouldn’t give you the the true picture i’m here today to discuss which cities which provinces to invest in turkey take this video as a compass

To use it as you know which direction to go all right let’s talk about some of the investment basics you basically want to buy low and sell high and what do you need for that well you definitely need more demand at the time when you’re selling your property then

The time that you actually bought the property and that’s basically uh you know basic economics demand and supply and what are some of the factors that would affect the demand towards that specific area well there are certainly so many indicators which i wouldn’t have time here to discuss at

All it would take millions of minutes but with this what’s up number you can send us a direct message and ask your questions to our consultants who would be happy to address those questions but in a nutshell i’d say population increase is is a decent indicator but not just every population

Increase if this population increase is happening by birth in other words locals are reproducing i wouldn’t take that as a solid indicator as to this area is good for investment but if the population increase in one specific area is happening due to migration in other words the migration

Has a big part to play then we’re talking and within that scenario the questions you should be asking who are these people who is migrating to this particular city where are these people coming from why are these people coming from are they coming there to work are they coming there to

Retire are they coming there simply to live what sort of an education level that these people have what sort of a age group that do these people belong to all of these are indicators that would give us a good idea as to how desirable that one particular area is and based on

Which reasons that it is attracting the migration attracting other people certainly this is a great indicator as to demand and on the other hand we have the supply side of things if in one particular area the land is scarce the zoned land is is hard to find

A reproduction of an asset day by day is becoming more expensive it is becoming harder to produce then that area is a low supply area and whenever you have low supply and high demand coupled with one another that area definitely becomes a good investment location but if an

Area has an abundance of zoned lands and there are so many developers out there with the money in their pockets who are building as many as they can then you’re looking into a competitive real estate market and a competitive real estate market is when within that particular area if this

Developer x is producing x number of units whereas developer y is producing x number of units these two people are naturally in competition with one another and the price naturally due to competition would tend to go down and you might ask aladdin how is the prices going down if the

Land price is the same if the construction material cost is the same if the labor cost is the same if the marketing cost is pretty much the same well that is time whichever developer values time more than the other one is willing to give out more discounts and try to sell their

Units as much as possible well in reality the prices never go down it is just that the your capital appreciation is is either faster or slower i mean think about it a scenario like this if i’m making 30 capital appreciation in hard currency terms in one year that’s

Great but if i’m making the same amount of money in 10 years that is incomparable that means that um i’m losing money i’m losing time therefore i’m losing money although on paper i’m making money but i’m sacrificing my 10 years i’m keeping my money there for 10

Years to be able to make that 30 so that’s basically what one should have as a mindset coming into a real estate market as i said there are so many other indicators as to whether or not within that particular area the price of the properties will go up or how faster will

They go up or is it going to come down momentarily what’s going to happen and that being said let’s talk about our first location to invest in turkey i would definitely say istanbul is the number one place to invest in turkey why well it’s basically simple it’s the

Heart of a country of 85 million people this is where 30 percent of turkey’s economy takes place it is a it has a population that is approaching 20 million it’s a city that’s been continuously inhabited for the past 4 thousand years it’s a city that was a capital of four

Empires the roman empire the byzantine empire the latin empire and also the ottoman empire and it’s a city that’s been receiving more tourists than its original population than its original inhabitants i mean certainly all of these factors are making istanbul a very very desirable place and very desirable

Place to invest to be honest with you but within istanbul again where to invest right i mean turkey yes it’s a big ocean but istanbul is a huge city where do you go in istanbul what are some of these things that you need to take into consideration where you’re

Investing in istanbul well simply i’d say that stick to central istanbul because the centers of any city around the world tend to appreciate faster than the outskirts i would say stick to urban regeneration in istanbul and urban regeneration is a subject that we’ve covered in many of our videos with one

Of these links when you click you can actually see those videos now urban regeneration is an area where the municipality in the government is incentivizing private developers to come in knock down old buildings and reproduce these assets and urban regeneration areas are generally stays either within the central istanbul or

Around the central island in such an area in such a setting where you have so many old buildings around and when the location is desirable enough and when the location is central enough then it is not easy to negotiate with the stakeholders of that one particular area

To agree to that new development that’s going to happen there so that makes the process a little harder and that makes the assets within the urban regeneration areas are you know hard to reproduce plus it’s it’s it’s a pretty central location and other than that within istanbul i would definitely suggest the

Areas that are seaside or close to the sea areas that are close to green areas and properties with the seaweed you would you would rarely go wrong with that again it depends on what you paid for if you’re paying over the top if you’re buying a property for a very very

Inflated price for what it is then you know that’s that’s not necessarily a good investment but in general i would say stick to istanbul if you don’t want to dive deep into other cities in turkey if you don’t want to take any risks or perceive the risks then i think you

Should stay in istanbul now number two that we’re talking is bodrum bodrum is how do i describe bottom it’s a it’s a peninsula located in the southwestern part of turkey it is a beautiful place it’s a magnificent place with the beaches with the architecture with the history

I mean boardroom you know what boardroom is bedroom is not necessarily a choice bodrum is if you can afford it you go and live in bottom basically it is i mean anybody who’s somebody in istanbul would go and buy their second homes in in boardroom it’s a it’s a

Highly desirable place because of the amenities because of the sheer beautiful nature of the place because of its connectivity thanks to the airport there are so many factors why boardroom is as desirable as it is i mean not only it is preferred not only by turks but it

Is preferred by you know foreigners from all around the world boaties people who are into yachts people who are into yoga meditation health conscious people i mean jeff bezos was there in my opinion it’s the crown jewel of the turkish riviera but there are so many other places that you would argue that

Are as pretty as budget well i would argue with you there isn’t but yes you know horses for courses right what makes boardroom a a solid investment location well definitely supply and demand we’ve been talking about supply and demand take a look at bodrum on the map you’re going to see

That it’s a it’s a peninsula the the only the peninsula and in some towns around the peninsula are considered as border right so it’s not particularly a big chunk of land where you can build cities and towns and et cetera it’s it’s it’s a pretty small place

With a lot of green and nature reserves in it so it’s very hard to build anything in both room number one reason is because of the land prices the land prices are crazy because of low supply there’s no zoning because of the green reserves and with the protecting the nature type of

Agenda of the border municipality and another reason is the building season you’re not going to be able to build 12 months of the year in bedroom you’re basically talking about from october until april that’s the season in bedroom that’s eight months so the properties in bodrum

The land not only the land is hard to find not only the labor is more costly compared to other cities in turkey it also consumes more time to produce an asset in boardroom but the investment value is really and truly embedded within the scarcity of the land and the

Exclusivity of the place naturally the products come onto the boardroom real estate market come at a higher entry level because of all of these costs that i just talked to you about now depending on what you buy and how much you pay for it bodrum is definitely a place where

You can never ever ever go wrong now let’s talk about bursa bursa is number three bursa is the fourth largest city of turkey it is being dubbed as the engine of turkey because of its you know very successful manufacturing industry 32 of the top 500 companies are based out of bursa

It’s a place that is desirable in terms of affordable living and the nature around warsaw is is pretty amazing you have the uluda mountain where people go for skiing for winter tourism which is very popular there and it’s a very historic place people go there for historic and religious tourism and there

Are also certain beaches around the area and beautiful and magnificent lakes all in all it’s it’s it’s a good package what what bursa is offering is is a pretty good package plus it’s only one hour away from istanbul and what makes bursa a solid investment choice is again

Depending on the you know supply and demand and what the future of the city is going to be like in the past 10 years the population of corsa increased 23 now 23 in 10 years is is a huge increase for a city at the size of bursa right

Now it has a population of 3.2 million 10 years ago this was 2.6 million and this population includes when you when you look at where these people are coming from they’re coming from different cities to bursa they’re coming to bursa in search of employment they’re

Coming to bursa to to study to to live because it’s a desirable area so it’s not just a natural increase it’s an it’s an increase by migration and that is a one of the good indicators that i’d like to take into consideration and another thing is definitely the government’s plans for

Bursa when you look at bursa the manufacturing industry is is already there but there are certain projects such as techno sap or techno park there are organized areas for industrial manufacturing companies with with the port access so that is making the area more desirable for factories not only turkish manufacturing companies but also

International manufacturing companies to move to bursa and take it as a hub because there is a good amount of supply from the skilled workers i mean you can count the automotive industry the textile industry the metal manufacturing the the automations the the technology i mean bursa it definitely has it all and

And that’s one of its competitive advantages and also one of the reasons why i believe that bursa real estate is promising in addition to its desirability is because when you look at the city 50 of the city between one side of it is blocked by the slopes of the uludan

Mountain which means that you cannot grow the city towards that side and towards the other side there are green reserves and agricultural fields there which you cannot build anyway because these are not zoned land so the city can really and truly develop towards either to the right side or to the left side

And when you look at bursa’s development you’re seeing a concentration in the western part of the city especially areas um closer to nilifar area the nullifier municipality that’s where you know the new part of the city is being developed again within bursa depending on what you’re buying and depending on how much

You’re paying for it’s an area where you’re not going to get wrong plus its entry level is lower compared to bodrum and istanbul now number four province that we’re talking about is antalya antalya is like the miami beach of turkey it’s an it’s an area that is that is highly desirable

It’s kind of like the best of both worlds you have the metropolis there a city with a population of upwards of two million and then you have the beautiful beaches so it kind of is is a good mixture uh that would give you uh whatever you’re looking for uh certainly

The tourism industry is playing a huge part in antalya and antalya is desirable not only for turks but also for foreigners and it’s a city with good infrastructure large amenities good public transportation with an international airport that is connected to many major uh metropolis around the world with a direct flight so that’s

Also one of the advantages but when it comes to the real estate market in antalya i’d say you can make a viable investment in antalya depending on where you’re buying well i’d say within central antalya connealto is is definitely a good place it’s a desirable place plus

It has a beautiful promenade and the real estate developments there the urbanization is highly organized and the building qualities are very nice and it’s a very desirable area again it is likely that in the future it’s going to face some supply issues because the land in corneality is going to be

Well it’s on the rise anyway but in the next i believe five to seven years there isn’t going to be much land to build in conealto anymore so definitely if you’re looking for antalya connealto is definitely a viable investment and again apart from that areas such as lara he

Can also present you a viable investment options and also some of these towns around antalya such as belleck cider alanya might as well be a viable investment depending on what you buy and how much you pay for it and what is the unique sales proposition of that one particular property that you’re

Buying if you can see that you’re buying this property today and in the future there’s going to be more demand for this property you’re likely to sell it for more than what you bought for then i’d say go for it right again if i need to wrap up

Istanbul definitely the heart of turkey boardroom is the santropay of turkeys and definitely an amazing place anybody who was somebody in turkey would go and buy their second homes in bodrum and then we’re talking about bursa which is the engine of turkey it’s a viable investment definitely and also we’re

Talking about antalya which is the miami of turkey so if you’re a total new beginner stick to these four places and again you need to know what you’re buying and how much you’re paying for and if you have any questions with this whatsapp number you can reach

Us our consultants can give you a call and try and understand what are your specific needs to give you the guidance that actually you’re looking for again if you do those things you’re not going to go wrong in turkey thank you very much for watching guys and see you in the next one

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