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Hi guys and welcome back to my channel the other time I shared with you how to become a taxi citizen by investment either buying a land or buying a property in today’s video I came back as a follow-up video or a continuation video whereby I wanna tell you about investing

In Turkish lands how to actually um become a turkey citizen by actually investing in land or buying a land okay so welcome to my channel in today’s video I also want to share with you some of the countries that are restricted to buy land or to invest in land here in

Turkey you’re gonna be shocked because one of this country is one that you don’t want to miss especially if you are coming from Africa now another thing that I will be sharing with you my insight in this video in today’s video is actually things that you can do and

Cannot do when you are investing in land here in Turkey there are risk restrictions like I said and I want to share with you my insight my opinions and just let you know is it this thing workable like do you want to invest in land in farming let me use the farming

Or agriculture here in Turkey in 2023 we are coming to the end of 2022 and I’m sure 2023 will be amazing year and I want you to take some of the opportunities here so that you can invest more you can earn more and also generate more income if you have this

Vision and you are thinking that you believe that next year or 2023 is a year for you for prosperity for wealth and for expansion then stay tuned until the end of this video so that we can learn together and actually know what to do and what not to do here in Turkey okay

So unshikalness if you are Turkish welcome if you’re an English Persona if you’re Kenyan so the very first thing I want to share with you is that Turkish agriculture is a booming business and also it is one of the best thing that you can either decide to invest in or decide to

Actually learn more about by the way Turkish uh when it comes to agriculture it takes around 40 percent of total territory here in Turkey so you can see mainly turkey produces a lot a lot in terms of Agriculture and also I have to mention that turkey is among the best

Countries that you can import when it comes to agriculture so do you want to learn more about actually buying a land here I want to share with you uh some of the things that you need to know and also I’ll be revealing to you some of

The things that you should not do and you are not allowed to do especially if you are Foreigner here in Turkey okay so the first thing like I said 40 of the total territory here in Turkey it comes from agriculture like it is uh it is

Done agriculture wise there are a lot of lands here in turkey that are ready or either producing a lot of things and also it is so interesting that we have restriction and let’s dive into some of the Restriction when it comes to foreign investment in turkey or in land okay

So there are lands here for purchase and also for ownership when you are a foreigner but you have to know that some of these restrictions number one it you must consider or you must know that you cannot buy land more than 300 000 per square meter that is around

Um around 30 hectares so you cannot exceed this uh maximum or you cannot exceed this amount if you are aiming at buying a land here in turkey as a foreigner this is a restriction by the government and you should consider or you should know before buying a land

Here in tax something as interesting you should know that it is that there are land for purchase and also you can purchase land here as a foreigner however uh one another restriction that is put here or Turkish government has put to foreigners is that you cannot buy

Land in rural areas or in villages okay so there are restriction and also something else you have to understand is that the total amount of land that you can purchase here in Turkey cannot exceed 10 percent of the total Municipal area Okay so this is something that you

Should actually Bear in mind that means that if you were aiming at a buying a land make sure that if you are Consulting you are agent for air buying a land here you must bear in mind that you can not buy this land in small uh

Towns or in small rural areas it must be either in towns in big towns of course Taki has a various cities or various towns so you must bear in mind that the total or the overall uh sellable area for a foreigner here in Turkey cannot exist 10 percent of the municipal or the

District area of a town or of a city so bear in mind if you are aiming at invest another thing you should bear in mind that if you are buying a land here in Turkey you must bear in mind or you might make sure that this land that you

Are aiming to buy or is not near Military zones where we have military uh equipment or military uh things that are going on so another another thing that you should consider when you’re buying a land here in Turkey is to make sure my daughter is here I’m taking care of her

You’re gonna hear her little sounds you’re gonna bear with me I’m a stay-at-home mom and also working from home so another thing that you should actually Bear in mind is that when you are buying a land here in Turkey you are putting an agricultural project it should not exist two years without

Agricultural project because that means that the land is not meant for projects like agriculture if you are aiming at construction or another doing something else or maybe putting on a property or a house then you need to make sure that you are actually doing the right paperwork when it comes to description

Of the land project okay otherwise you’re gonna be in a problem with the government and also it’s gonna make a problem for you make sure that before two years ends you have a project of Agriculture now something interesting I have to mention is that here in Turkey

We have uh when it comes to agriculture Orlando when it comes to land we have in the agriculture around land or uh land for construction so if you’re aiming at making a project like building a house that is architectural land and if you are aiming at doing farming maybe

Poultry maybe uh say um planting stuff or fruits or vegetables that’s agricultural land and in Turkey agricultural land is called tala okay now having told you about this restriction or things to consider I want to share with you some of the countries that are restricted here to buy land

Here in Turkey the first one being Syria Syria is restricted Syrian people are addicted to buy land here in Turkey of course you know and you understand the important the political issue here concerned another country that is restricted to buy land here in Turkey is North Korea citizen of North Korea

Cannot buy land here in Turkey another restriction about countries is that African countries that are in Nigeria like Nigeria is restricted to buy land here in Turkey so my brothers and sister in Nigeria you have a problem you cannot buy Here land okay another restriction that I have found out about a country

That is restricted to buy land here it is actually is it Cuba or chuba Cuba you are restricted to buy land here in turkey and some of the sources that I have read of course I’m getting these sources from my consultant and then also people that I’m working with it is that

Uh for you to get the best resource it comes to buying land here or the easiest way to buy a land here in turkey or safest way to buy a land here in Turkey is actually to form a business first and then you can purchase this land using

The business project that you have or business them that way you’re gonna stay on a safe side when it comes to doing agricultural things because in in event or when you don’t want to do agriculture like I said if you don’t do agricultural project within two years that you have

Purchased the land it can be a problem on your side so the best thing is to form a business so that even if the two years ends you can say that you want to put a construction on it okay now some of the things that are actually produce

Highly produced here in Turkey include cherries include tea include hazelnuts include tobacco include ampricots include fig include eggplants including methods include pomegranates and other different kinds of nuts so those are some of the main produce here in Turkey of course we have a lot I’m just managing mentioning a few of them okay

Now I’m gonna share with you a little bit about the prices here of course of course the prices here depend on where and which city or which area or which town that you are aiming at buying land and one thing I have found out is that unculverted land that the land that you

Have not cultivated like it is only plain lined it can be around 1.5 dollars per meter Square per meter per square meter and the cultivated land it can be at it can go up to 20 dollars even more per meter square like per square meter I’m confusing the time so

If you’re aiming at buying land here these are some of the things that you need to consider in mind and it is amazing to buy land here because even if you don’t live here you can buy a land and then you start cultivating it or you

Put a project if you want to produce fruits or if you want to make different kinds of projects in terms of Agriculture now I’m gonna little by I’m gonna conclude this video by sharing with you uh an incident that I told you I’ll share with you in my next video

Like in this video during my encounter or during my stay here in Turkey my husband is a Turkish person a Turkish citizen so I think it was a last year part one and then I told my husband because they have or they own a large amount of lunch especially in the rural

Area not even too much rural but it is uh within like it is within the Izmir City so when we are traveling in this land we normally we have a lot of different kinds of fruits going on and there are main produce or the main produce in this

Farm is actually olive oil or olive trees if I have to say now I remember sitting down with my husband during one time and telling him why are you not planting Maize and he told me that Maize here we plant but we give animals like

We plant it as an animal feed and then I told him why don’t you try the project because we were aiming at other projects why I told him why don’t you do this project of farming like um planting Maize and then actually sailing them as as feed for the animals

Then he actually agreed to the project and then we went to look for a land of course our land our main big land is full of Olive and full of roots so we are not aiming at that one we wanted actually a big land and a land that we

Can culpate and also uh do what I said um plant different kinds of things and this time I told him some maze so my husband did the old work the paperwork and then we got the big land that we wanted in the village and then we planned it we started planting Maize now

During this time I also have to share that it was the year that my dad passed so I was not uh basically I had to travel to Kenya and leave my husband here but my husband was with his friend of course he had a business partner who

Was working together with and then they did everything planned the Maze and then the time of harvesting like that when they were ready not harvesting when the time is ready for cutting the maze here in Turkey they normally just bring the the vehicle that actually Cuts

Everything and then make it as food for the animals so he did everything and then I think the total amount that he used to actually plan and also to buy stuff for the land was not too much compared to the amount that he got so we

Got quite a lot of money money out of this land uh by producing Maize and later after this because he was thinking that it won’t work and actually surprisingly it worked and he got a lot of profit out of it because people were requesting for more feed for animals and

My husband I could actually go together with his friend could actually go and give them or sell to them so this is one of the products that I actually initiated in his mind and then he was surprised that it worked he never thought of actually farming and now

Right now we are doing the same each and every year right now it is in Winter we are not planning Maize rather we are planting seasonal products like we have planting vegetables so we have rented this land so that other people because he has other jobs that he is doing other

People can actually give us money like pay us and then take the land in terms of renting they’re gonna actually plant their own products during the winter and then when they harvest the land is free for us to actually rent and that is how actually people make money

Here do you think that it is something that you can do for instance if you don’t want to buy a full land you can actually collaborate with the local so if you are aiming at buying land here in Turkey I highly recommend or I highly advise you to do so because uh produce

From Farm here they are so original not original they are so organic and you’re gonna get profit if you deal with the right people or with the right agents if you need an agent to actually help you buy or purchase land here in Turkey consult me on this email and I’m gonna

Actually hook you up with the right agent with the right person with the right lawyer or right agent let me use that time and then they’re gonna actually help you to get the best out of the best I hope you have actually understood my point and also love this

Video and if you are liking my content and you want to see me talk more about investment here in turkey and other business opportunities here in Turkey just one favor like this video subscribe to my channel put on a bell a notification Bell so that when I post a

Video you can be the first one to view otherwise from me I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and more blessing in your life and I want to also thank you for being my patiently like watching my videos each and every time for my new subscribers welcome to my family and

Until next time again I’ll see you bye bye foreign

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